THe FMJ experience

Below are what some of customers said about their experience

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I have no time for pain

My name is Maria I. Evans. I am 61 years old and have been physically active all of my life. I am a busy executive in the finance industry and 7th degree Black Belt who trained almost daily until I developed Arthritis about 18 months ago. The condition progressively worsened to the point that I could barely get out of bed. My doctor prescribed Tylenol and then an anti inflammatory drug that allowed me to be functional but the pain was still there and limited my ability to work out. The discussion with my doctor was about managing the pain as there seem to be no cure for the condition.

I heard about FlexMyJoints at a conference. The properties of the supplement as a super antioxidant and its ability to help with the auto immune response in the body prompted me to approach the company to see if I could take it for my arthritic condition.

There was little effect after 10 days. At the 20 day mark my pain levels dropped by 75% and I was able to reduce my reliance on the anti inflammatory medication to every third or fourth day instead of every day.

The result after 30 days has been outstanding. My pain level has been reduced by over 90% without taking any anti inflammatory drugs. The days that I do feel discomfort is when it rains, but I do not have to take anything, I am just aware of tightness but no pain.

I now plan to continue to take a maintenance dose in order to maintain my health at this level. It is great to be able to work out with the young people again and not have to make the excuse that I am getting old. It is particularly important to me because I intend to teach as long as I am physically able.  

Maria Evans
Vice President, Inland Empire Minority Business Enterprise Center
Recipient of the US Dept. of Labor Alpha Award: "created one of the best mentoring programs in the US"
Martial Arts Hall of Fame: 7th degree black belt 


complete knee pain relief

My name is Bill Donohoo. I am 66 years old. Last summer I began having stiffness and pain in my left knee. I like to exercise on the treadmill, and I found when I ran on the treadmill my left leg would really hurt a couple of hours after I had finished. Over time the leg became stiff and painful to bend. I went to the orthopedist and was told that I had arthritis. I received a cortisone injection for it, and within two days I had full use of the leg.

The doctor advises me to walk only. He said the running was too jarring on my knee. Referring to the arthritis he also said, “You’ll be back”, indicating that within a few months the stiffness and pain would return. I expected that would be true within about 4 to 6 months. Indeed the pain did start to return when I walked normally and was more noticeable when I power walked on the treadmill.

In February I was introduced to FlexMyJoints. Within a week to ten days my joint pain had gone away and has not returned. I can power walk up to forty minutes and have no effects on the knee. I intend to keep taking FlexMyJoints. 

Bill Donohoo Adjunct Professor of Management California State University, San Bernardino 


And here are a few more:

 "I am 67 years old, and my body can really use some TLC. My daughter gave me FlexMyJoints as a gift. My knuckles used to ‘click’ when I bend them. After taking FlexMyJoints for about a month, my hands are more nimble - no more ‘clicking’ when I bend the fingers. My back pain is much reduced, and I also noticed that I can take longer walks in the afternoon. After I stopped taking FMJ for about 1.5 months, I felt more aches and pain. So, now I am back on FMJ and really enjoy being more energetic and flexible . FMJ is a great product. "

Lynn W.

"I used to hate getting up in the mornings. My arthritis condition was the worse during that time – my body was stiff, in pain, and I couldn’t get around much. I gave FlexMyJoints a try since nothing seem to have worked for me. After about two weeks, the mornings become much more pleasant. I can now get out of bed easier, have more range of motion, and less pain. Thanks to FlexMyJoints, I regained my mornings."

Greg M.

"Running marathons was a great hobby of mine, but my doctor told me I have to stop due to the pain in my hip area. I loaded up on FlexMyJoints (I doubled the dosage) for three days and started running again to really put the product to test. The pain is still there, but it’s not getting any worse even though now I am running. On the other hand, my back pain is completely gone! Both my wife and I now take FlexMyJoints to keep us healthy and active."

Larry E. 

 "I have had knee pain for a while. It is most bothersome when I do gardening. A friend recommended FlexMyJoints. After taking the supplement for a few days, my knees are no longer bothering me. The pain hasn’t came back since. I am surprised how well FlexMyJoints worked for me"

Scott C.