relief from the inside out

There are two main culprits behind Arthritis. The first is accumulation of free radicals in the joints that degenerates the supporting tissue. The second is chronic inflammation in binding tissues. Until now the options available have been limited to numbing out the pain or flooding the body with joint nutrition, such as glucosamine. While these play a certain role in providing relief for arthritis, they only address the symptoms, not the root cause. What if there could be a product that kick started your own body to remove free radicals and reduce inflammation? This has now become reality with the product FlexMyJoints.

The product is not antioxidant nutrition, nor is it an anti-inflammation substance. It is a unique blend of proteins derived from milk that stimulate the body to reduce free radicals and inflammation on its own. 

FMJ stimulates the enzyme of life

FlexMyJoints stimulates the body’s own production of antioxidants. Specifically it stimulates the production of the antioxidant enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD). When SOD was first discovered in 1968, it was dubbed 'the enzyme of life,' because it's the first antioxidant mobilized by the cell for defense. 

Our body utilizes an external and an internal antioxidant defense system. External antioxidants are from dietary source. Currently most commercially available antioxidants are vitamins and flavonoids. These are the actual molecules that neutralize free radicals. However; the first line of defense against free radicals is produced by the body itself. By effectively stimulate the antioxidant defense system from the inside out, the body can repair damaged cells, improve joint functions and reduce inflammation throughout the body. 

stopping inflammation from starting in the first place

In very similar way FlexMyJoints also reduces inflammation in the body. TNF-alpha is a pro-inflammatory factor secreted by white blood cells and is associated with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma and many autoimmune diseases. Many scientists are working on ways to block the TNF-alpha factor from getting to the tissue. FlexMyJoints strikes at the root of the problem by stopping the inflammation from starting in the first place.